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My name is Dave Keeffe and I am a full time reseller. Which means I make 100% of my income by reselling items online for profit. My biggest motivation for supporting resellers is, to put it simply, to encourage, motivate and eqip freedom. Freedom from debt, freedom from wage slavery and freedom from time restraints.

Why "Biker Lifestyle"?

My passion is motorcycles and a "biker" way of life and reselling funds the freedom for me to choose that lifestyle. You can of course, replace "biker" with whatever your passion is. The whole point is, reselling can afford YOU the freedom to choose.

If you are struggling financially, sick and tired of wage slavery or are fed up of working countless hours for no personal development, there's a good chance reselling can help you change that. This website, the YouTube channel and our other social media platforms are designed to support you achieve the freedom you desire and you deserve.

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