Looks can be very, VERY deceptive - Mark Nevitt’s Honda CX500 Supermoto

Looks can be very, VERY deceptive - Mark Nevitt’s Honda CX500 Supermoto

I bought the CX500 in 2011, from a nice bloke in London. Pat was a great fella and still follows me on social media now.

I rode the bike as it was until 2013, before I'd made my mind up on what sort of build I wanted, and finally decided on a Supermoto. Well, Bobbers & café racers were in abundance, so I fancied something a bit different.


The work started in April of the same year on a CCM 604E I had in the shed. I bought this off a friend a few years earlier. I only stripped what I needed and left the rest for a future project.

I first started on the frame, one side at a time, so as not to upset the geometry.Then welded in the 2" box section & brought in one engine outrigger and welded that up. Once all that was done, it was just a case of repeating it on the other side.


Next was the tank brackets, then the front end, which fell in, apart from a bit of machining of the bearing races.

The rear end wasn't too bad either. I just had to remove the Pro-link system and weigh up the top and bottom eyelet/ride height. I also strengthened the swingarm, which really needed it.

Now, the most expensive part of the build was the rear wheel. I had the plates made up and bolted in situ by Ian Saxoburgh of Café racer kits. He also supplied me with the carb jets and filters.


After that, it was paint and detailing. The graphics were done by Eat My Dirt, a firm based in Barnsley, Yorkshire and they did an amazing job.


One of the last jobs was making the exhaust.

I am quite resourceful and made it out of the old Motad system, a Y piece off a mark 3 Ford Escort manifold and the silencer off the CCM.

I was really impressed with how she ran and handled.

I would like to change the rear spring on the WP shock, but that's not essential. 

Thanks go to Dave Manning for his article in 100% Biker and Streetfighters Magazines. Also a mate at work, Paul Henshall for their photos.


Mark Nevitt.