The Rocketeer - A stunning creation by Andreas Neuhold of Rocket Sprocket GMBH

The Rocketeer - A stunning creation by Andreas Neuhold of Rocket Sprocket GMBH

The Rocketeer.

By Andreas Neuhold 


Bike Specifications:

Frame: Rau

Engine: Honda Fireblade CBR 900RR

Supercharger: Rotrex C15

Swingarm: Ducati Monster S4R

Forks: Suzuki GSX-R 750

Wheels: Ducati

Brakes: Spiegler

Ignition: Ignitech

Carbs: Original

Brakes & clutch: ISR

Everything else is self made.


The story:

I bought the frame very cheap on eBay in around 2010 without any UK registration documents. Well this meant, that I wouldn't be able to ride the  bike legally on the road here in Europe...

The original idea was to make a custom tank, sub-frame and so on.

We are talking about dreams, ideas that where in my head, ideas which wouldn’t let me sleep. 

The inspiration was gathered from Streetfighters, Custom bikes and Caferacers. These styles all had elements I always wanted play with: a peanut tank with a sexy slim ass, reduced to the max some brass parts, elegant but still with a madmax soul.

First a friend of mine started playing around with the frame. I bought a Ducati swingarm, one of the sexiest swingarms on a standard bike in my opinion. The fork was lying around from another race bike I have, the  rolling chassis was there but no progress was being made with the project and the thing was standing around for almost 4 years.

A decision was made: I want to build my dream! No compromises! I will have to build the tank, I will have to cut the rear of the frame off,... without that it just won’t make me happy and it will never ever be close to that picture in my head.

I picked up the thing and brought it to my garage. First thing was to cut off the rear of the frame. Nobody has ever done that to a frame like that. Why  would you, to a rare thing like that?! Just because... Fuck it!

It was a quite long process finding the right proportions between the tank and the tail section. In the end I built 4 rear frames... the last one was the one from my dream.

To have a tank logo I built a 3d model out of a jpg and printed it on my 3d printer. I've never casted aluminium but for me, it’s the only way to get a detailed 3d result out of metal. I built a furnace and melted that aluminium: it worked out great.

Drinking beers while working on the project wasn’t always a good idea. The expression “ok hold my beer”, is how the supercharger thing started. 

I found a new Rotrex C15 set on eBay and there we go!

Technically it was very demanding for me to get this whole bunch of technology running. 

My philosophy is, do it yourself. Built not bought!




Build credit:

Andreas Neuhold